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Growing With Lupus

Being diagnosed at a young age has been a lot for me during my life - some good and some bad. The diagnosis itself has caused my life not to go the way I planned or thought, but it’s surely helped me grow over time.  I was diagnosed with SLE at 18. I was unable to...

Living Fit With lupus

Pursuing Fitness As a Lupus Patient Living with lupus poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining physical activity. The pain and fatigue associated with this autoimmune disease can make exercise seem like an uphill battle. However, incorporating...

Assistance Programs For Patients!

Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter Assistance Programs The LFA, GOC’s Assistance Programs were created as a response to a needs assessment survey of lupus warriors in the state of Ohio. The results showed that lupians would benefit from some help with...

Why is Lupus Difficult to Diagnose?

Causes of Diagnosis Delay For many people with lupus, the average diagnosis delay is six years from the onset of symptoms. Misdiagnosis with another condition often contributes to the time delay before establishment of a proper diagnosis of lupus. The symptoms of...

Avoid The Winter Blues!

It’s the middle of January. You’re still reeling from the chaos of a busy holiday season.  Temperatures haven’t climbed above 30 degrees for weeks, and the color outside has alternated between gray and black for what seems like an eternity. Winter has sunk its claws...


  As we wrap up our 2023 Walk to End Lupus NOW season, we cannot help but be thankful!  Thank you to all of our constituents across the state that came out to support us this year.  Our Columbus and Cleveland walks raised $80,000 that will now help fund things...

Michael’s Story

So it's men's health month, and I'm a male who has been living with Lupus my entire life.  I'm moody, irritable, and in pain all day everyday.  I've had over 4 surgeries in the past 3 years.  My bones hurt, my joints hurt, and i'm on a handful of medications that I...

Sun Safety for Lupus Patients

  Hey warriors,  it’s that time of year where we talk about sun safety! As many of you know lupus and the sun don’t mix very well.  This is due to lupians’ increased sensitivity to sunlight, which can trigger flare-ups and worsen symptoms. As we approach the...

Lupus Awareness Month 2023

`May is Lupus Awareness Month! Each year we make a great effort to bring lupus to the forefront of the public eye. We do so in many ways, through radio, TV, billboards, social media, city proclamations, educational programs, kiosks, websites, and so much more. It is...

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