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A Lupus Love Story

Justina and Kyle Patterson share their story


Living in the Eye of the Storm

How Lupus Flares are like a storm…


Growing up around Lupus

I love what I do, and I will always be an advocate for this cruel disease.  

What's Your Story?

We will all live life differently. With every breath we take and every step….

Brittney's Story

Brittney Bailey is the true embodiment of a Lupus Warrior


Lupus Awareness Month

We have made great strides through the years, but we have much more to do.


Post-COVID Lessons

We became a nation of caring. In return, we all became caregivers to each other.


Our lupus symptoms begin flaring before weather events, even those in….


Lupians Unite

As we round the corner towards 2023 I thought it was a good time to reflect….

Lupus, Brain Fog, and Me

I had no idea that lupus would have menacing effects on my brain that would….

Is it Safe Yet?

If we are rushed to get back to our old way of life, we will self-destruct. Be part of the solution. 


Giving and Gratitude

It’s the time of year when giving is on everybody’s mind. It often feels….

A Cautionary Tale

What seemed like many moons ago, which, in reality, was only 35 years ago…

Bad Med Day

Take all medicine as prescribed . . . Employ a method for taking your pills.

Because of Lupus...

I thought my lupus had “struck again” to wreck a good opportunity for me.

What's up Doc?

Oh no! My doc is going to retire!

This seems to be a popular statement this year.


I would like to give a huge shout out to all those who help us in our advocacy efforts. 


Lupus & Autoimmune Overlap Syndrome

When Patients are diagnosed with two or more….


What's a Lupus?

How do I answer that? If I’m being honest, we call it a cruel mystery because we don’t….

Hanging onto Stuff

I am not willing to let go of our wonderful lupus community here in….

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