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Dee’s Advice

Sep 12, 2020 | Patient Stories


March 5, 2024

My life is a three-ring circus…at least that is what it feels like some days. I never know what the day may bring or if my body and mind will cooperate. Having lupus means the immune system is overactive and tends to fight healthy tissues and organs instead of outside invaders like viruses . . . I have found I can’t really predict the good days or the bad days, or how lupus might affect me from one day to the next. The uncertainty in making plans, going on vacation or being mentally sharp in an important work meeting, can be overwhelming and exhausting. The newest act to my circus is peripheral neuropathy. Partially numb toes and fingers, painful tingling up my legs or arms and the occasional jolt . . . But it all makes me PAUSE. Stop and look around and enjoy the good. Look and see if I can help someone else. We all have junk in our lives. It can be overwhelming, when all we see is OUR junk. Focusing on others can help put our messes into perspective . . . Take care of YOU, but don’t let the YOU be so overwhelming that you can’t see there are others around that could benefit by your act of kindness.


March 5, 2024

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