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Michael Davis-King, Young Warrior

Whether it’s a stubborn lime tree, taking care of an abandoned kitten during the pandemic, or lupus, remaining hopeful seems to be Michael’s strong suit. While he says he is fairly young and “wanting for life experience,” he does have some major takeaways from his experience with lupus. “I think that the most important thing to carry with you is a lot of patience. That and don’t be afraid to be a little out there, embrace the strange creative side every once in a while, and toss some lighthearted fun into those serious conversations. I find that it makes visits to the doctor a lot more palatable. Don’t stress out about anything. Stress is something I have to manage with lupus, and honestly, it was easier to just throw out worrying. As long as things are getting done when they need to get done, everything will be fine. There have been so many things that I worried about for nothing, especially when it came to lupus. Whatever happens, happens, it’s way easier to just roll with it.”

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