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Michael’s Story

by | Jun 13, 2023

So it’s men’s health month, and I’m a male who has been living with Lupus my entire life.  I’m moody, irritable, and in pain all day everyday.  I’ve had over 4 surgeries in the past 3 years.  My bones hurt, my joints hurt, and i’m on a handful of medications that I have to take multiple times a day just so I can make a living and keep a roof over my daughters head and food in her belly as she graduates high school. I’ve raised her on my own throughout all of my struggles.

I’ve lost my family due to various illnesses. My mother to copd, my dad to cancer, and my sister sadly from Lupus. She died from this horrible disease that robbed her from a bright life and future when we were kids.  She was only 8 when she passed. No child should have to endure that kind of torment,  and no parent should have to bury their child before they had a chance to out live them.

Despite how sick she was, she always kept a smile on her face and a laugh in your chest.  As I turn a new page in my lupus nephritis journey, I am now getting IV injections twice a month. Everyday is a different challenge. The sun will make me sick, and the everyday stress of working a normal job cause constant flares.  Here I am, living today with this active disease while trying to bring awareness to this silent killer.
Trying to live and maintain life living with lupus is a 24/7 challenge, but I am still here, and will continue to fight!

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