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Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter Program with with ExactCare Pharmacy Ran Through May 2022



We were able to help 60 patients in the state of Ohio receive their prescription free of cost.  The partnership we have built with ExactCare Pharmacy has been a great help to the lupus community.  We will continue to look for ways we can best serve lupus patients in the state of Ohio. 

We want to thank ExactCare Pharmacy with assisting the Chapter to safely deliver the medication to lupus patients in need.

Visit to learn more about the services they offer!

Limited supply of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) available to lupus patients at no cost.

It is our pleasure to announce an exciting opportunity for lupus patients in Ohio. We have partnered with ExactCare Pharmacy to offer a limited supply of hydroxychloroquine (which you may know by its brand name of Plaquenil) free of charge. Delivery is included!    
Why is this program being offered?
You may remember that state and local governments began acquiring hydroxychloroquine in late March of last year. This was due to speculation that the drug could be effective in treating COVID-19. After numerous clinical trials, however, the Food and Drug Administration determined in June 2020 that hydroxychloroquine does not help with coronavirus prevention or recovery. This left many states, including Ohio, with a surplus supply. 
How do I receive the free hydroxychloroquine?
As our partner pharmacy, ExactCare will be dispensing the hydroxychloroquine. They have set up a special phone line to assist lupus patients. Simply call 732-994-7851 and a pharmacy representative will walk you through the process. In most instances, it will be easier to have a new prescription sent to ExactCare, and this medication will be provided to you at no cost and will be delivered to you. If you are taking multiple medications, you may also choose to get all of your medications through ExactCare. Visit for more information.
How long is this free medication available?
This program is providing a limited supply of hydroxychloroquine on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in receiving the medication through this partnership, we suggest calling ExactCare sooner rather than later.
Who is ExactCare?
ExactCare is our partner pharmacy for this program. ExactCare is headquartered in the Cleveland area and specializes in helping people who take multiple medications manage chronic conditions. Their services make it easier for people to manage their medication routines and stay on track with their health. If you take multiple medications as part of your lupus treatment, you may be a good fit for their enhanced pharmacy services.


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