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Bad Med Day

by | Feb 5, 2021

I am looking forward to my three-day weekend.  I am, for the first time, almost caught up on my workload. I am pondering what I should do with all this precious time which is a real treat for me.  Seldom do I get this type of luxury.

The sun is shining, and the sky is extremely blue, there is a light breeze. Absolutely perfect for a convertible ride in the morning.

Living with a chronic disease you never know from one day to the next how you are going to feel.  I am excited that today I feel pretty darn good.  I am thrilled to have this day and looking to fill it with simplistic joy. No one wants me to do anything today and I have it for just me.

I am going to go to a fresh air market, followed by a drive through the park, with plenty of trees to shade the way, park the car and make a few calls to keep in touch with several sick friends, and just let the wind hit me in my face. Simple things give bring me happiness.

Before I head out, I notice my medication refills have arrived.  I begin to pull out all of my magic potions for review (a 23-pill regiment).  I begin sorting, tossing, and filling my daily containers. Then I am suddenly hit with lupus brain fog!

I line up all 23 of my pills for the day. There are all colors and sizes. In anticipation of having a fun-filled day, I do not want to waste any time worrying about which ones I take or did not take. I recklessly grab them all and at one time throw them into the bowels of my throat.

Yeppers, I blow it.

For God’s sake, please do not ever do this! I know better. I know to follow the instructions for each one. It is a very tedious job but is part of my daily routine.  I have three pill plates lined up and ready to fill. Why I think anything otherwise is beyond me.

After I swallow the pills, I wait a moment and think, that was really a dumb thing to do. Then I run out the door, eager for my “me” day to begin.

Sure enough, not even 20 minutes later my stomach and esophagus begin to complain. It starts with nausea followed by sweats. Then I get dizzy and things begin getting foggy. I know I am very fair, but I am as white as snow! I immediately begin to search for peppermint or ginger hidden in my glove box. Too late.

The nausea has now turned into vomiting.  Obviously, I do not make it to any of my destinations. My short road trip is ruined by my stupidity and lack of personal responsibility.

You see, this is what happens to some of us lupians.  We start feeling great and forget all of the steps we took to get us there. We become careless and let our guard down.

I am so sick to my stomach I cannot even feel disappointed about losing my precious time I so desired. I spend the next two days in bed trying to calm my body down.

Lesson learned. Take all medicine as prescribed and certainly not all at the same time. Employ a method for taking your pills. There are companies now like Pill Pack or Exact Care that can help you better manage taking your daily medications.

As always, there are consequences to our actions. But why do I always have to learn things the hard way? Well, message received.

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