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Tacrolimus Found to be an Effective Long-Term Treatment for Lupus Nephritis in Japan

by | Feb 22, 2024

Inside Lupus Research (ILR): Treatment News

A new study out of Japan explored the long-term safety and efficacy of tacrolimus, an immunosuppressive drug that blocks T-cell activation and suppresses autoantibody production, in people with lupus nephritis (LN). Researchers found the therapy effective and generally well-tolerated as a maintenance treatment after 10 years of use. 

The study followed a group 1,355 people with LN who received maintenance treatment with tacrolimus. Researchers found that tacrolimus was well-tolerated and effective with almost half of the study participants (49.3%) who continued treatment for the full 10-year study period. Infections were the most common adverse reaction observed, which occurred in 28.8% of study participants, with 12.2% reaching renal failure, and 4.5% needing dialysis. However, the overall participant survival rate was 96.5%. Additionally, researchers observed a reduction in corticosteroid dosage over the course of the study period, showcasing the steroid sparing effects of the treatment, and renal function was found to be well-maintained over time. 

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