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Supplementation of Mycophenolate with Belimumab Shows Promise in Treatment of Lupus Nephritis

by | Oct 2, 2023

Inside Lupus Research (ILR): Treatment News

In a new analysis of the BLISS LN trial, researchers added Belimumab (Benlysta) to Mycophenolate (MMF), the standard of care treatment for lupus nephritis, (LN, lupus-related kidney disease) and found that the combined therapies could increase the possibility of a complete clinical response (CCR) and complete histological response (CHR), as well as decrease flare activity.

The researchers examined 20 participants from the BLISS LN trial. The participants continued MMF treatment after the trial concluded and they were re-biopsied after receiving immunosuppressive treatment. The CCR, CHR and flare activity of 10 participants treated with MMF and placebo was compared to the other 10 participants who received both MMF and Belimumab. Results found that none of the participants in the Belimumab group flared, however, two people in the placebo group did. The Belimumab group also exhibited more favorable CCR and CHR responses.

LN affects about 40 to 70% of people living with lupus. LN patients experience an increased rate of morbidity and mortality . More research is needed to identify successful treatments to improve outcomes in people with LN. Learn more about the latest lupus research.

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