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Making Strides: The First-Ever FDA-Approved Lupus Nephritis Drug   We are making great strides even when the world is upside-down. As many of you know, I have been around for decades in the war against lupus. I am thrilled to share this news with you. As I have...

Hanging onto Stuff

During the past year, I have been spending more time at home like many of you. Before COVID, I always kidded around, saying I was so busy with lupus stuff; I would just visit my house and my husband. I can hardly remember being at home during the weekends or at night....

What’s Your Story

So, what is your story? This week, I received a bill from my favorite florist. It was over $500. I had chest pains when I opened it. The last time I spent that much on flowers was for one of my kids’ weddings. I wish the orders were for happy occasions. They...


It is an ugly stormy morning.  All night, the rain hit the windows and the trees smacked against each other. The dark gloomy skies and the bold blasts of thunder were enough to make anyone want to hide under their blanket. It starts with a headache, then overall body...
Michael Davis-King, Young Warrior

Michael Davis-King, Young Warrior

Whether it’s a stubborn lime tree, taking care of an abandoned kitten during the pandemic, or lupus, remaining hopeful seems to be Michael’s strong suit. While he says he is fairly young and “wanting for life experience,” he does have some major takeaways from his...
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